I saw my ex today and he looked at me with such hate, why is this?

I had to see my ex in court today for him to get his visitations for our kids. I got lost in the building so I called him, he picked it up and goes I see you and just hangs up. I then went in the elevator and he turned and looked at me twice. But both timed he looked mad. Like he hates me. He also wants his mom to pick up the kids. Its like he can't looks at me. I don't know y he hates me, if I've tried to fix the relationship with him a couple times. I honestly didn't want the child support he's the one that put himself one it. Why can't he look at me and when he dies its like he hates me.


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  • Maybe it just hurts to see you. Or he could possibly resent you (for whatever reason he has created in his mind)

    As long as you have tried don't bother beating yourself up too much. We men can be pretty childish sometimes if I have to say so myself.

  • Because exes are bitter, bitter people sometimes.


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