Ex making no eye contact?

Long story short I became really close with my ex, then we started dating, and it ended quite stupidly from a fight that I initiated. Its my fault. I see him everyday at school. Now he doesn't look at me, and if he makes eye contact we turn away. But the funny thing is, I sneak glances at him, and I catch him doing the same in my peripheral vision, and sometimes we end up making eye contact... Problem here: we both in same extracurricular activities, and so we are around each other a lot. Even if we have to pass each other (which is often) purposely look straight ahead, expressionless face. We kinda do this to each other, I do it because it hurts, but I don't know understand why he does.


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  • Because it hurts.

    • How so, may I ask? Does it hurt cause he misses her doe does it hurt because she is mad?

    • It's both.

    • sorry typo. I meant
      "does it hurt because he misses me or because he's mad at me"

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  • It sounds as though he has decided to move on and whatever the fight was about, he doesn't seem to want to make up, has thrown the towel in and is holding a grudge... for now anyways.
    He may carry this feeling to his grave, may never come around. However, if you approach him and try to initiate convo, you just might be able to soften the blow and at least start yip yapping again.
    And if you decide to just let sleeping dogs lie, then it looks like you stay in the doghouse while Rover continues to Never-----Roll over and beg.
    He may be waiting for an apology from your end... just thought I might throw you this bone...
    Good luck. xx


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  • Because it hurts, he feels shitty from it. Realizing a breakup isn't the best feeling ya know


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