I still love my ex but never told her but everyone keeps making stuff up and trying to separate us further and further for their benefit what do I do?

Im lost I just need another opinion
Exactly xD but supposedly this is her best friend and she thinks im taking them apart so after i did my thing to day i text her once or twice can we talk or can we meet we class gets out and she saw my message didn't respond and just gave me a dirty look a we crossed on campus


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  • FIGHT FOR HER!! Make sure to have a good conversation with her and make sure to clear up any lies that have been told to her about what you "did" or "said" when you never really did. Just kinda reassure her that all the rumors can't affect you guys because you both know the truth. Good luck!

    • your right thank you i just needed to hear it from someone else and i literally fought for her today is that bad i mean i lost

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    • I mean guy he just acts like a kid

    • If I were her, and you physically fought the person who was telling lies to keep us apart, I'd love you forever lol that is so attractive to me. Because what that would show to me, is that you're going to protect me no matter what.

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