My heart has fallen out my chest I need HELP to pick it back up?

I was dating this guy for 2 years we been through so much with each other. We been through are ups and downs but we always worked it out. But I broke up with him because he was just acting to weird. Not wanting to see me or talk to me. So 2 days later he tells me he likes somebody else and is talking to Somebody else.. so yeah i was mad and hung up very angry because if I ever did that to him he would not like it at all we always stood by each other. And now he does this. So I tried to see if we could work things out an he said no. So I was mad and I let it go he tried calling me and I didn't answer. And I called back to just let all the anger we had for each other go. We had a smoother conversation he said he had a new boo or whatever an he kept askin me who I talk to and who I'm with all in my biss. I asked him y he wants to know. An he said because he wants to and I asked if he had pics of me n his gone n he said yeah he has all of them when he is serious with somebody else. He said he miss me and love me it makes no since how he wants to know all this stuff about me and who I'm with and has pictures of me and wants to talk to me when he has somebody else. That shit hurts my heart so bad to know the guy I love has somebody else but is telling me he has all the picures of me and won't delete them. Man I do t know y he is doing me like this I was nothing but good he told me we can be friends and we will get back together and the was a lie just so I can feel better. Why is he doing all this stuff. Mann I'm so confused this just happened. I need some good advice and I need to no why he is doing this please.


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  • Why did you breakup with him? 1. He got with someone else to make you jealous 2. He has a right to be mad & not wanna be friends with you ! 3. You suddenly want him back & love him much because he's with someone else? You're petty & your mind is clouded by jealousy right now, you probably had a valid reason for breaking up but now he's with someone else so you suddenly feel like you need him back but once you have him back everythings gonna be great for a minute until it gets old again & all the reasons you had to end it before start to surface... I'm not trying to be mean this is just a situation I've been in and I wasted 3years of my life in a cycle like that hopefully you're smarter than I was.

    • I broke up with him because he was acting funny n rude towards me for no reason I felt like his last option but he was my first and I was his so of course we always come back to each other I never left him for nobody we had our bad days but we always worked it out. But I'm not jealous I'm just mad because I feel like he been talking to this person the whole time and that's why he was pusing me to break up with him. He has never did this before. Until he stared 2nd year of college. Just why does he have 100 pictures of me n his phone and won't delete it and saying he still loves me if he has sombody else

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    • No I don't want to go back and forth with him but if he felt this way.. then why do he want to be friends with me n no my bissnues.. I watched him cry for me and all this stuff but now he's just forgetting everything. But wants all my pics why? And why want he just leave me alone? And why do he wants to be friends with me after he no he broke my heart?

    • N I no it was bc he wanted something new. Smh I new he was on some other stuff when he told me iMA get him in trouble for kissing on him. Lik WTF I'm your gf wrytb

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