He left me for sombody else. Why is he doing me like this?

He pushed me so that he can be with this person said all theses mean things to me but now he wants me to be there for him and be his friend. He also wants me to call him for advice on who ever I be with next?


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  • Best thing to do? Ignore him. Why would you want to waste time on someone whom you've given so much of yourself from the past only to be pushed aside and left for good in return? He walked out of your life leaving you jaded and broken he doesn't deserve your support after all he wasn't there when he left you hangin'.

    • Aww you right.. I just spoke to him ino things r not gonna work out we fight to much I jus didn't want to be alone.. I been with him so long I lost myself n he found somebody else. . N I had a miscarriage smh I was his first n he was mine.. I jus don't no how to let go. Ino the relationship won't work I jus love him. ..

    • He say we fight to much n he can't get over my past which I had to many male friends n he didn't like that I never cheated I jus wasn't use to someone really loving me I was immature at the beginning. .. so I understand him.. but now he happy n I'm alone..

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  • 1) He's keeping you around as Safety 2) He might genuinely care but I don't know because i dont know the guy.

    My opinion? Move on Screw em. Why stay in contact with an ex? No reason, Move on and live, laugh and play

    • Yea I no but why does he want me to b his friend

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    • It's easy to say that but when someone you thawt was going to marry pushes you to break up with them so they can be with somebody else is so faul. And if u did that to them they would hate you. is crazy but he want me to be his friend

    • I know the feeling; Girl i thought i was going to marry ended up thinking of me more as a brotherly figure... Hurts but eventually all pain subsides.

  • Lol men... he wants to be your friend for sexual reasons and want u to call him soo he won't b soo jealous

    • That makes no since because he found sombody else. An I think he is playing with me I spoke to him yesterday night an he said I am the love of his life how is that when he didn't want to try again bfo giving up. And he has somebody else

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    • Alright soo lets dig deeper... ima ask a lot of questions u can message or comment

    • I messaged you

  • I'm sorry to hear that


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  • If he doesn't cherish you, you dont have to be his standby too. You are not a backup.
    If someone doesn't place you as his priority, dont be his option and move on...
    People these days are fickle minded...

    • Yea thanks it just a very hard pill to chugg down right now... we argued a lot smh I no that was a big reason but I always stayed by his side I never left him.. but look what happens to me

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