Is he leading me on or just confused?

So my ex and I have been broken up for 2mnths now we previously lived together and our breakup was a pretty mutual one we've remained friends and I guess those feelings have started to resurface tho I don't think they ever really went away. Anyway the other day he asked me over to just hang out we went out for the day just as friends and everything was fine then when I was leaving he kissed me and of course I kissed him back it felt like we were starting again. But now he keeps acting hot and cold with me one day his msging me constantly and he wants me to come over and then the next day I hardly hear from him and if I see him (we go to the same gym) he can't seem to get far enough away from me but still manages to text me the next day. Can anyone tell me what's going on should I back off a bit and let him figure it out for himself or just completely forget about it?


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  • I think only you will know (because every relationship/scenario is a little different) but it seems as if you should give each other some space. Scratching at a scab will only make you bleed so to speak... and if you lived together 2 months probably isn't nearly long enough for you to deal with the break up.

    In my experience it's often wise to move on if you realise aren't working out so consider why you broke up to begin with and if it was a mutual decision back off a bit before things get ugly.

    Again, only you (and him) will know all the variables involved so you have to decide. As a guy though the hot and cold tells me he wants the best of both world or/and on top of that he is probably confused.

    It's only natural for you guys to miss each other after such a short period of separation so I couldn't blame him either though.

    Good luck


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