Is he in a rebound relationship?

After 7yrs together we broke up through the stupidist of arguments.. whithin a few days he was chatting a girl up on Twitter they met the following week for a night of sex then he dumped her and started to offer me help with money n car etc and to go out for a meal he completely denied this girl but i knew he had met her so we had a massive argument and he ran back to her 2 wks later ( we had not got back together during these wks) then after that weekend sent with her he again dumped her and tried to take to me again wanting to meet face to face i refused i was so hurt ,, I told him i had some one else he went mad.. again he ran back to her this time that weekend they became an item on fb and Twitter pics changed to them two together etc.. loads of tweets to try and get to me. I told him i hadn't met anyone I was so angry and that im to respectful to myself to just jump into bed with a guy,, he laughed n said well its back fired etc.. he continued to try and get to me on Twitter and she was just as bad.. 10 wks on I met an old flame and we are in arelationship of a kind and my ex found out and boom emails started he was adamant he wanted to see the children ( his step children who know him as dad he brought them up all there life) i refused because 9wk he had very little interest in them.. he kept on and on at emails.. I decided to close my email account and refuse to talk to him after he had told me to calm down and he really wants to be friends I can't be friends.. he is now blocked off everything but still with this girl.. I changed my watts app pic to a nice new one of just me and put hearts on then suddenly after him not going on watts app for a month he changes his pic to him and her and puts MY TEAM IS ME AND !!! (her name ) i deleted his number then that was only 4 days ago. It hurts to see him so happy so quickly when we had a fantastic relationship and truly loved each other.. Can he actually move on and be in love with this girl or rebound


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  • Hey this is a rebound dont worry depending on what these people do together. He'll be back but you have to play the cards right... i would love to help message or comment

    • To be honest I think a lot od it for him is based on sex because she really doesn't seem bothered on what he wants to do to her she lets him and I think that is what is keeping him there she is total opp of me she ain't girly at all although she is now sorta tryin to be like me her nails her make up her hair etc and she always checks out my social media under false names too but so does he !! They act so happy she has even told him she loves him on Twitter after 3wks lol !! I just can't understand how some one who loved you to the moon and back and was your best friend can treat me like this its hurtful and cruel x

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  • Yes he can, but that's not important, whats important is that you accept that this has all happened, shrug it off and get on with your life and try to be happy again. Its not a competition to see who can be happy quickest or who can hurt who the most with little stupid digs.

    Just accept that its all over, why you would want to be with someone like that I don't know as he has obviously deliberately and rather childishly hurt you. Go be happy and don't look back.

  • He is using her as a pawn.

    • She lives an hr n half away n they went to blackpool for a night other weekend he sees her every weekend and they are plastered all over Facebook and Twitter as in a relationship send each other cute tweets etc.. he never ever was like that with me things were always kept personal.. I don't know if he actually loves her now after 5wks an item or whether the is actually just using her :(

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    • I have I have stopped all contact not that i ever instigated it in the first place i have blocked him on everything.. suppose I just have to sit back get on with my life and watch it all crumble around them..

    • Yeah, that's the plan.

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