Deal breakers in starting a relationship?

I met the most amazing and inspiring guy, we have had some great times together but we never got into a relationship because he just doesn't wanna do long distance.

Is it because he's just not that into me, or is it truly due to the distance? We lives in two different countries which will require some 20-hour flight to see each other (not to mention it's expensive too, we don't have that kind of money currently).


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  • Personally, I met an amazing person online. But I had to leave it because as amazing as she was, I don't believe in "the one" and it would be far more beneficial if I found another amazing girl closer to me.

    • Ah I see your point. Although it probably doesn't make my case better, I met him when we're travelling and happened to stay in the same hostel. He was backpacking Asia, and I live in the region and was making a short weekend getaway. He ended up visiting me three times after that where I live, but even that, I guess romance always can shortlive reality.

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  • Long distance is incredibly difficult. Its entirely reasonable to want to have a romantic relationship with someone you can see in person and have physical contact with regularly.


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  • I think the guy wants to avoid the tension. So he won't go for long distance. There is nothing wrong with you its just the distance

    • Thanks, that's a little bit of comfort. Still feeling like crap we had to part and go our own ways even though we like each other a lot.

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    • Lol relax, im sure you have a guy round the corner. What is it that makes you so pessimistic to the perspective of another guy? And hey times are never tough, its just that we sometimes forget to look at the good things we have in life

    • Well, I would've dated many good candidates, such as lawyers, pilots, engineers, accountants etc. But most of them in pursuing never understood what I need from a guy.

      What this guy has, as compared to others, is the sort of inspiration and courage given to me. And I believe in dating, this is the kind of guy I ought to be dating. Not because the guy bought me expensive dinners, not because he drives a nice car and not because he's good looking.

      The good thing is, I guess, I finally know what I'm looking for in a mate. The shit part is, really, I can't have the one I found now :( And the worst is there's nothing I could do to fix it.

  • I don't even think this warrants an answer but it's due to the distance.


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