I was just in a rebound relationship, do I have a chance in the future?

My ex girlfriend and I stated dating very soon after her long term relationship with her ex boyfriend. In fact we started talking just two weeks after they broke it off. At the time I was unaware that they dated for so long and continued to dig my self in a deeper and deeper hole.

We got to know each other very fast and hung out just about every day. She met my family and I was quick to meet hers. It seemed like we had a great bond.. that is until the last few weeks.

I had asked her a few times if she still had feelings for her ex and she was very honest when she said she did still have feelings for him (second mistake staying with her). I thought we could work through it however, it didn't work out to what I had hoped. The last few weeks of our relationship we had began to bicker about things she never cared about before. She had gone through stages where she would get depressed... and then

She just broke up with me, saying she never had time to herself/to heal and really get over her ex after her ex and her broke it off. I asked her if she could picture a long term relationship with me and she said, as of now I can't but maybe in the future.

After getting to know her I realized she was the girl of my dreams, my "perfect" girl. I am wondering if I give her time to heal, do I even have a chance in the future? Or did she never really like me as a boyfriend?
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  • You was rebound im sorry but how long were you dating her for? .. thing is a rebound rush into a whirlwind relationship and this the grass is greener they think there in love after wks of being with you only to suddenly realise that all is not greener on the other side ,, I so sorry to say but I dont think she intentionally used you I truly think she thought It would work out but after a long time relationship people need time to heel and get over there ex before a new one can start.. Maybe just telling her you will be there for her no matter what she decides may just put you in the front line for the future


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  • Time will tell. My ex got in a relationship super fast with her first bf. clearly she had issues even outside of me. She got dumped but they got back together after we almost did. Now he's her first and last love. Whose to say if she still gives a shit about me.


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  • Hmm I don't really know, only time will tell... ccontinue to be her friend & live your life & you never know it might happen for you :)


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