How to get my ex back after I dumped him?

My ex and I kept fighting. For the past month (october), I dont know what was going on but we never fight but the past month we just kept fighting and nothing got resolved. We would move from one fight to another. I was just so angry and hurt. I felt neglected because he was always with his friends. I didn't see him for weeks sometimes. After a fight I said "We should see other people". He was shocked. The next day I took it back saying "I love you Im sorry" He took me back but after 3 days he said "We should break up". He could not get over it. He said "Why did you say it?" "You wanted to break up" I was in the moment.

He agreed to be friends I went along. We talked almost everyday. 2 weeks later I said "I love you and we should work it out" He said "I dont think its a good idea" I said Alright

5 Days later he texts me "Hey beautiful". I didn't really have anything to say.

A few days later I tell him I dont think we should be friends because we want different things.
He said "Im just fine with being friends"
He said "Your sweeping me under the rug?"
I said "No, I just love you too much to be friends with you"
He said "So you need time?""Just do never talk to me again"
I said Ok


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  • it seems to me that you two are constantly in this sort of cat and mouse game. when one wants to take things to a certain point the other doesn't and vice versa. it seems to me that you both probably need to be apart for a while so you can both figure out precisely what you want. then you can come back to each other and make a decision. I'd literally say that you two maybe agree to have 100% no communication for a month or two. let you both figure out exactly what you want on your own and then come talk to see if what you both want is what the other wants


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  • How r y'all sex life? Thats the main after that its have y'all had sex as friends then we go from there (message me or comments) i would love to help

    • No we have not had sex as friends.

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    • I do

    • there's afew things u can do,
      Basic) just b his friend (nothing more then text)
      Other) leave him , dont talk to him

      Because he dont want to let u go soooo
      Push him off and let him come to you... Then you would know whats in his mind (sex, friend or trying to make you jealous)

  • I had a GF who was on and off for three times. I didn't take her back the last time and honestly, decades later, I hear she regrets it. I just couldn't do on off. Her son has my name, my friends say that is creepy.


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  • I don't chase exes, I let them be. If they want me they'll tell me I'm not going to chase them. That's what pushes them away more. My ex and I argued a lot, and he never put effort into the relationship. We cut off all communication and its been 8 months since he and I have talked. If I were you I would just let him be. If its meant to be it will be. It seems like to me your trying to force him into a relationship or force him into falling in love with you again. If he doesn't want to be with you then he doesn't want to be with you. I'm sorry but sometimes that's just how it is. I could never be friends with an ex, its just weird to me and it doesn't solve anything. He and I are not friends, we go to the same school but we don't talk or anything were more like strangers. He broke up with me, his loss its not like I'm going to chase him and make him fall in love with me. You can't make someone fall in love with you no matter how hard you try. Sounds like he's playing with your feelings and leading you on. Just let him be, stop chasing him. You don't deserve him and he doesn't deserve you, my ex was the same way. He always wanted to be with his friends, made excuses, cheated on me, lied to me, used me, lead me on, etc. Maybe he doesn't know what he wants in a women right now. But by the way he has treated you you don't need to get back together with him. I've been in a relationship similar than that and it just took me a while to realize that he doesn't deserve me. Quit settling for less, and find out what you really want.


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