So why is he acting so immature?

So me and my guy friend hit a rough patch after a year and nearly a half of being together. We've been on and off for the last 2 months but it's always him who's come back, but everytime it ends it gets worse we have heated arguments, he becomes childish.

I recently said I couldn't do this anymore told him that if he didn't want me he had to leave me alone as I need to forget him. I ended it nicely told him that I hope he finds someone that makes him happy & that he gets what he wants in life. Told him that I need to let him go (as he wants to move on).

But since then he's been flaunting things on Twitter about possible dates and how it's amazing how some people can make you see life differently & see things differently. Which pisses me off tbf, I ended things on good terms, he was the one who no longer wanted me & I'm trying to move on but it's like he's trying to purposely set out to hurt me.

He isn't the type of guy to be open about his life on social media, especially about his dating life. Then when I posted about my brothers ex gf downgrading he took it as I meant about him and tweeted 'nothing worse then a girl who's a paranoid headcase.' Yet he doesn't follow me so he's been checking my twitter?

And that morning he added me on fb again, but when I clicked on the app there was nothing there so he was either stalking and accidently pressed it or changed his mind. (Even though I've told him I want to forget him.) I just wish he'd leave me alone & stop playing games. Why does he keep doing this when he doesn't even want me?


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  • I don't understand either. You break up or divorce to stop fighting

    • Exactly what I mean. Which is what he hated the most & why it ended. It's like he wants me to argue with him. He's just lost his friend through cancer at the age of 28 but I don't see that as an excuse as why to hurt someone else.

    • Put distance between you the best you can. No communication with him at all

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