He left me for another girl?

My boyfriend of 1 and a half years broke up with me about a week ago for another girl. He actually broke up with me another time before, for my best friend, had sex with her and left her and eventually came back to me.. he came to my house with a promise ring and he was in tears and I took him back. He tried to break up with me for the same reason earlier in the day, he told me he wants me so bad but he feels like he's hurting me and that I really am way to good for him and I deserve better than what he did to me and he doesn't want a reminder of what a horrible guy he is. We discussed everything that wasn't right and then he broke down and said he can't leave me he loves me too much, then it became so easy for him to leave me. I am hearing all sorts of rumors, that he was talking to this girl (another hoe, and actually the entire opposite of the girls he says he likes) while he was with me, right after my ex best friend, and that what he did was grimey, and a lot of people aren't talking to him. We were each others first loves, and I am so devastated by this.
The ring he gave me was expensive and he asked for it back, we had an entire fight because of it and then after that argument him and his new girlfriend posted pictures together...
I am so heartbroken because I love him so much... I am so broken, he destroyed me..


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  • Keep the ring. Lose the guy.

    Better off without him. There are better guys out there. Sorry your first one was a loser.

    • please help me... i see him and her everyday at school and i haven't gone to school in three weeks so i don't have to suffer that. i am in so mudh pain. I'm so devastated. i feel like i'll break down. i have two classes with him

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    • he flaunts this new girl around me. he writes about her all over Twitter and Facebook, talks about her a lot. he is the type of person to kiss her in front of my face.
      I will go back to school because I've come to acceptance that I can't do anything about it, but damn, this hurts like crazy.

    • It does hurt, but be strong. He's a loser because he's trying to flaunt it - ie: to hurt you, instead of just living his life.

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  • Did he but the ring with his own money?

    • Yeah, bet so - which is why he wants it back.

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    • How old are you guys?

    • we are both turning 18 😔

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