How do you get and old girlfriend to talk to you?

I dumped a beautiful girl back in high school because she slept with her ex boyfriend before we were together and i couldnt handle the shame. I had oral sex with a few girls before her.

Now i saw her Facebook picture and want to talk to her again. She is still good looking and single. She won't accept any friend request.

I told her she was used goods, damaged goods, dirty, disappointing, and will never be good enough for the 4 months we dated.

Do you think she would talk to me? How do i reach her? Should i just leave her alone?


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  • wtf leave her alone what she did with her ex before she met u was her buisness u can't be so horrible to a girl coz she slept wiv some1 else if a guy ever spoke to me like that no matter how many good times we had id still be like ur an inconsiderate ass hole leave me alone so leave her alone

    • So you wouldn't give a guy chance to show you he changed?

    • no my ex spoke to me like that n i dont wanna talk to him eva again how would u feel if i sed somthing like that to u

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  • Leave her alone.

    • Why?

    • I'll leave that to the others to explain.

    • We did have some good times.

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  • Stop trying to contact her. She'll always have the impression that you're a stupid dickhead with a complete disregard for other people's feelings.

    • We had some good times together.

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    • You wouldn't give me a chance to see if i. changed?

    • Probably not, there's better things to do than to occupy myself with things that hurt me in the past. I forget those people and cut contact.

  • if i was her i would've slapped you right across your face.
    leave her alone, i bet she won;t be interested in you.
    you want her just because she's "good looking" and "single"
    assholes like you just make my day.

    • So you wouldn't give a guy chance to show you he changed?

    • Well i did give my ex a second chance and here i am, standing wih my broken heart.

  • Well were those mean words really worth it in the end? I think you should let her be, because to be fair, you were mean.

    • I guess the mean words werent worth it in the end. The words felt right at the time.

  • Pretty safe to say you blew it and that ship has sailed. I personally wouldn't even waste my breath on you had you spoken to me that way. Hard lesson to learn, but those things have a way of coming back around.

    • I guess those words i said didn't pay off down the road. But those words i said felt so right back then.

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