How can I cause him to fall in love again instead of just being friends?

Me and my boyfriend broke up two months ago because my self harm stressed him out. We hated each other then it got better and were best friends. He always sits with me at lunch and walks with me I'm the halls. We talk all the time and it's essentially the exact same as when we are dating, whenever he thinks I act cute he's like "awwwwe" and if I get scared or hurt he hugs me up and acts caring. I got clean and happy and fixed myself for him we have so much in common. He said he likes being friends better but I really want to date again. I love him very much and I want to date him again. I can't use jealousy or ignoring him because they don't work on him :( please help I'm trying so hard but it seems hopeless
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  • he will come around to it himself, dont try to push it out of him
    by his actions he has proven that he cares for you and wants you to be happy but right now he's just scared that you might relapse and he blames himself for what you did so he's keeping the distance
    let this run for at least 6 months and he will ask you out himself

    • Thank you this is very helpful and makes me feel a lot better :)

    • Im glad i could i could bring a smile to your face

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  • I would say it's hopeless but since you said you stopped with the childish self harm there is a chance but it's also possible that you turned him off completely once he realized you did that

    • I actually had been doing it for awhile and he was fine with it and tried to help me through but then he felt like he had too much pressure put on him from it but thanks for the input :3

    • I'm not sure how old you guys are but no guy at that age is trying to take care of another life before he even gets emotionally involved he was asking you to stop all that time but you took too long, my suggestion is stay friends for now but keep up the flirting. I think he still likes more than a friend since he spends so much time with you so give him some time to adjust to the new you! Good luck :) and I'm glad that you were able to stop!

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