Best way to get over a break up?

Broke up with the Mr today... Had a few issues, he didn't want to resolve so I had no choice but to end it. So could say he broke up with me in a passive aggressive manner. So how can I get over this feeling? I'm still in love with him and it hurts so bad, it's only the first day and the outlook doesn't seem so good.

I already exercise daily and try to stay active but it kills me. The only time I relax and have fun is when I have in my head that things will work themselves out, that he will miss me and then come back, then I realise it isn't true and I die inside all over again.

Please how can I learn to cope?


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  • If you dont mind me asking, what were the issues? And are you sure this is the end? Hoe long were you together?

    • I don't mind at all. We were together for an intense 12 months. I have never loved anyone like this before- it's crazy. The main issues were him not answering to some things which could upset me on occasion, if he didn't like what he heard he would ignore me which is passive aggressive. When I go away for weekends with the girls he would ignore me for days, not completely but communication (even after I came bk) would dwindle. I wanted more emotional support and he wasn't willing to provide. I tried everything to the point I felt he turned me into this over emotional, needy person (it's possible and could happen to anyone blindly In love with someone). I ended it beause I said it's like he doesn't try with me. He said he doesn't think we are compatible, I said well I'm willing to compromise and try harder because of how much I care and he said nothing (as usual) he then went on to say that I should pretty much move on and I died inside. I asked "why" he ignore me. All I wanted to know

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    • I think I need to lol. Well I have begun to follow you, not literally if course lol. Again, thanks for the support. Night 😊

    • Glad I could help. Good night.

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  • Make some new friends, break the daily cycle, sit near a body of flowing water and learn this by heart
    He is the one who lost a gem


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  • Do like me I did learn in few past years how to kill pain before he kill me I was like you after every break up now I use that pain as a power to prove my self last year I did use it to success in my study don't care just kill


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