Why did she text me?

So me and my ex were together 3 years. We lived together for 2 years and loved each other very much. We broke up After a huge fight that went to far. He friends and family didn't like me. I changed my life around after the break up and she noticed. We have been broken up for 8 months now with off and on communication. So about a week ago I get a text "HOPE ALL IS WELL"? At 1am. I responded "hi how are you?" She is 23 im 28. Ladies why would she contact me and not respond? It sounds really crazy...


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  • She wants you to pine after her while she's not around. Insecure women do that. Some even take it further than that, just ignore.

    • Yes she's right. Mine did one night. She left me for someone else. No telling what xactly was going through her head but she saw friends of mine and obviously thought about me.

    • I also did everything wrong in the sense she knew I wanted her back.

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  • She was drunk and concerned for your life. She is young and cannot help herself.


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  • Even though people break up doesn't mean they are completely over you or that they don't think about you..

  • She's trying to make you remember her.


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