Break Up or Stay? I Keep Flip Flopping :( ?

Today I logged onto Facebook. The very first post I saw was a picture my boyfriend was tagged in. It was a screenshot of a snapchat that he took of him and a girl and the caption said, "Studying with my bae."

I screenshotted it and sent it to him and essentially accused him of cheating.

He freaked out. Apparently the picture was news to him. He said that he had taken the picture during class and showed it to her and she took the phone, wrote the caption, and sent it to herself and then posted it on FB and tagged him in it.

He called to try to explain (we're long distance but the long distance is ending on Tuesday) and I was in tears.

He made her take the picture down. He said she "apologized profusely" for her actions and he also said that she had a boyfriend.

He seemed genuine and I'm pretty good at reading people but either he's the best bull shitter I've ever met, or I'm completely insane.

He and I have dated for 3 years and never has he EVER given me cause to doubt him. He has been doting and attentive and supportive and a great boyfriend.

I've NEVER doubted him. Until I logged onto Facebook and saw that picture. It was like getting the rug yanked out from under you and being stabbed in the chest a thousand times.

So... should I dump him or should I stay and work it out?

I just can't imagine a girl doing what he claims she did if she in fact had a boyfriend.

I just don't know :/
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  • I can imagine girls doing that. I know a lot of girls like that, honestly those girls annoy me. I really don't think someone would cheat and then be stupid enough to post it on Facebook. I mean if she did, then she's stupid. I hope her boyfriend gets mad and they break up because he deserves better. On the other hand your boyfriend went through his way to make that girl take down the picture and try and make you happy, I think that's a keeper. I'm sorry that you cried, I feel ya :'( But he seems like he cares.


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