What should I do so I could be happy?

im just so broken right now.. I don't know what to do.
i know being sad won't help me so i want to be happy.
any suggestions what should i do?


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  • Im sorry :( yea being sad won't help you but even if u do the thing that makes you the most happiest you would still think of it believe me... i went through it the night b4 my last day of school... Next day we did have a lot of fun. we did a lotta things it was fun but from time to time my mind would drift... Its hard but the sadness and all would be gone like within 7 days at the most... Its just the way we are lol :)

    • i guess. it would take sometime.

    • Yea it would. Just try to be positive :) and just repeat in ur mind not to repeat what u did with him. Dont give hypocrites an other chance that is it... :)

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