Did he want to try take things slow?

So me and my guy friend have been on and off for the last 2 months after a year and a half together. He said he wanted to be friends last time, yet it never just stayed "friendly with us" things were going good again, we were laughing and joking. He was beginning to text me again and wanted to talk to me, we was in contact pretty much every day. We even discussed about going out for food at the end of the month. Then I got drunk really drunk & he got pissed off. I asked him if he wanted this just to stay as friends and he exploded saying that was all he wanted. Did he just say that because he was pissed at me? Does it sound like he wanted to take things slow and see how it goes. When we was arguing he saiid 'things were going good or so I thought'

In that time he complimented me as well and also told me that he trusted me & wished me good luck on my test. Did I screw up my chances or was he really just after a friendship. (Should say even when we were together he said that when he falls in love he wants it to be with his best friend.) our friendship hit a rough patch & we argued a lot.


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  • He was all up for you and you blew it big time by saying as friends
    now the only way to get him back is to be patient
    You stil have a chance but you need to slow down

    • I worry a little too much about wasting my time. He said so many things arguing with me it made me think that what if he meant them? He's still not over all the arguments how long before he forgets the bad? Do I give him space & then try to start it slow again?

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    • He's been madder then this & still comes back

    • in that case sure take some time off

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