Is the grass really greener on the other side? Ever had someone leave you for someone else or did u leave your s/o for someone else?

Did they return to you after a while or how long did it take you to realize that your making a mistake?


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  • The grass is different on the other side, not greener.. Everybody has flaws, the grass may seem greener in the beginning.. but after a while it just becomes normal grass to you, it's not that special anymore. And a lot of people then start to wonder: "What happened to that old grass, that old grass was pretty good.. maybe even better..".

    Well my point is, you don't see a persons flaws untill you've been with them for a while. In the beginning a lot of people seem perfect, but after a while you'll see they aren't. So basically the grass may look greener, but most of the time it isn't.

    • Xactly. It can take a while before the honeymoon wears off sometimes

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  • I left my boyfriend for someone else for three months, then I went back to my boyfriend. Now it's kind of reversed. He broke up with me two months ago, I'm not sure if he's seeing someone (he has quite a few friends that are girls so who knows), and now I'm hoping he will come back to me. If it's meant to be it will.

    • Why did u leave the first guy for someone else, and how did u end up getting back together with him after all of that?

    • I originally left him because I felt unwanted. He didn't really show me he loved me much, this was a year and a half into our relationship. I was getting the attention he wasn't giving me, from a friend of mine. so I clung to that because he made me feel wanted. I still hung out with my ex though and we did things together, and I was horrible for doing so. I don't remember how we got back together because it was two years ago, but he changed, I realized I loved him and that he showed me love in other ways than explicitly saying it, and we just communicated it through.

  • My boyfriend left his ex for me. Although I didn't know that at the time, or I wouldn't of even got with him. Idiot. Anyway, he left her for me and we've been together for quite a long time now, like 5 years maybe.
    So yea, my grass was greener lol.


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  • We got together again once. It was a life thing that had nothing to with us I didn't think the grass was greener. She ended up leaving me for someone else and apparently the grass was greener for her. I made some mistakes though I loved her very very much. I made the choices though so I owned up to it and the consequences I got. Made no difference to her but I know it will help me. We could make it work again for good but she doesn't see the different me and I don't totally blame her for not wanting to. She has love for someone else.

    • Yeah i know how u feel, i know my ex is making a mistake but i just want her to come out and apologize i dont want her back, been no contact for almost 4 months now, been broken up 5

    • You'll never get that man. Do yourself the biggest favor and roll on.

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