What does she want? Does she miss me and just won't admit it or is she stringing me along?

Hey everyone,

I recently posted a question about my ex girlfriend and now I'm here to update you and ask for more advice.

My ex and I broke up after she said she wanted to feel independent and that this wasn't the right time for her to be in a relationship. I was hurt (still am) but I knew that another reason for her to break up with me is that I was too easy and a real wimpy pleaser.

She also initially told me that she would want to stay friends, to wich I said I couldn't do that right now because of my feelings for her and she said she respected that but she hoped she could still keep me in her life because she said I'm still important to her.

After the break up I didn't contact her and she contacts me now sometimes with some random wishywashy stuff and I then reply short but polite. I asked if she wanted to go get a drink sometime to wich she said I only have time next weekend (that was last week).

So I played it cool and said that it was alright and she has still been contacting me about nonsense and inside jokes we used to have.

She didn't however get back to me about the "date" yet but I'm not planning on making the first move. She wanted to get rid of me and be free, so if she wants contact she should bring it up, right?

Anyway, I'm positive that I should work on my confidence and selfesteem first before I have any chance with her or other women for that matter.

Am I going about this the right way? Can any girl out there explain her actions to me? Does she miss me or just wants to keep me as a back-up/friend?

Your help would be much appreciated.

Love, Danny


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  • There's not much info to work from. But I think you should initiate the 'date', but DO NOT call it a date. Just go out for coffee, talk about life, and your relationship if you want to.
    How long were you two together, and how long have you been broken up?

    • Together for one and a half year and we broke up three weeks ago.

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