Is saying your ex still loves you and regret his/her cheating the best revenge ever?

For some reason I fall hard in love with my exes. I don't know if they read m fear of responsibility or fear of commitment, despite me telling them anything, they never settle with me. Two of my exes were telling me how much they loved me until this day. One has a child from other woman (whom I know ) that never lasted a year. One got married to my friend (How ironic)!!! I feel the pain and regret in them. By the way I believe and been told that I look good. I only wanted to know why men do such things. I feel kind of victorious because I never fall for them. It is time for them to pay off. I guess the second one is ok with his marriage but told me that he wished I was his wife than his current wife. He even told me to go for a vacation with him. All paid. I declined both request and him being blocked. He is and will be his wife's biggest mistake.


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  • What can be worse then not being with someone you love and still be able to communicate with them
    lol And well i think u have a bad patch but i think your stars are alligning now and soon you will get that one guy that every girl dreams off

    • I know I keep in contact with my exes most of the time. I only know one guy whom I don't want any contact with. by the way both this men are ancient history lol. I broke up with them like 6 or 7 years ago. It is a good time for them to realize their mistake

    • lol well i just hope you are planning to commit again and this time for the long haul, its time you let the past be past and started enjoying life

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