Ex girlfriend says she wants love?

We broke up a few months back. Yesterday she made small talk. After spoking about our exams she randomly told me she wants love. We spoke about that and then the conversation ended. Today she made a cry emoticon on her status. Me feeling bad, asked her if she's okay, to which she replied maybe... we spoke and I have her advice. She said she needs a hug and I told her I'll give it to her on her birthday (few days away) she said I should do that, since it'll save me the trouble. We spoke casually and then she dissapeared. But she did reply and send me a funny pic. And then she fell asleep. I love her... so I'm unsure whay everything means... could you guys please share your opinions on what she's upto and/or really means? Maybe missing me or something similar?


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  • Did she break up with you? if so why?

    • Yes. She broke up with me. I reacted on her actions that I didn't like (she smoked, drinked etc). The day we broke up was the day she ditched me to go with a few guys to smoke.. I didn't like that and told her about it. To which she told me it won't work. Then she kept telling me she loves me, even though she didn't want me back. I thought she played me and I told her that I'm done chasing her. Weeks went by and I cut all contact with her, few weeks back I thought of sending her an apology message because I felt bad and needed closure. She accepted it but friendzoned me. We didn't speak in a while after that until she started to message me asking dumb questions and making small talk... and that's when she told me she wants love. :)

    • Okay i understand now. she is a party girl. the party is more important than any one man. she will get drunk at times and call or text crying for love. but the next day she will be back at the party.

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  • she's lonely and looking for attention, she's trying to find that feeling she missed something she miss that she needs so bad, dont fall for it bro leave her be, dont have sex with he dont give her that thing she needs to feel better, at the end of the day she broke up with you and its just you by your self, red flag leave her alone just respond with small talk dont pay attention to her see how badly she really feels or if she misses you, that drives girls crazy


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