Why is my ex texting me out of the blue? She dumped me 4 months ago and I walked away from her about 6 weeks ago going no contact?

After she dumped me we decided to try a fresh start. It "seemed" to be going well till I found out she was in a LDR with a guy she knew since she was a kid who is in Texas. Also found out it started before we split up.
I told her I wasn't going to share her with another guy, that I couldn't be just friends with her wanting more and wished her the best of luck. All in all with dignity I think.
So all of a sudden after a few weeks of no contact she is texting me things like "I know you prolly don't want to see or talk to me", I have things of yours to give you let's meet up". Any thoughts?


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  • She's just lonely

    • Well then when the guy she dumped me for that is1500 miles from here comes for a visit all should be perfect in her world. I really don't want to sound bitter but if that's what her problem is then she should've planned to cheat on me with somebody a little closer...
      Anyhow lol sorry for the rant and thank you for your answer. I really wasn't expecting to ever hear from her again.

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  • If it started before you broke up dont trust her now. She could of given that stuff back long ago in the words of a wise man "Its a trap" she just wants an excuse to talk. Ignore her or just say she can keep it.

    • Thanks for answering. I could definitely NEVER trust her again after finding out and after all of the lies she fed me about it.
      What kind of a trap do you think? I would like my stuff back but I AM willing to walk away from it if I need to.
      Haven't answered any of her texts

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    • I agree with you. I think I'm just going to let her do whatever she wants with my stuff.. I'm finally at peace with all this to some degree. I'm not looking to have my world turned upside down again.. I know if I see her it will open the wounds again. Maybe if this was 6 months or a year from now I could handle it. But not now. I'm clearly taking a lot longer to get over this than she is... Thank you again

    • No problem, its never easy and I wish you the best of luck moving forward. If you ever need to vent feel free its better to do it on here than bottle it up and make a mistake.

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