Picture of us kissing?

Why would my ex fwb/boyfriend send me a text pic of us kissing after we haven't talked in weeks... I told him to leave me alone... because he doesn't try to call, see me , or text me consistently... it feels like mind games we have told eachother we love eachother I. m confused...


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  • may be he realized his mistake.

    • I kind of thought that at first , but we are going on a week and he hasn. t contacted me

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    • And after all the worrying I did over him... he texts 2 weeks later and says he is watching p*rn ... Guess I. m nothing to him... All the I love u stuff was BS... oh well live and learn

    • I'm glad that you are satisfied, I pray for your better future, Stay Happy, Live Long, Good Luck :)

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  • He may feel nostalgic or sad. But how do you feel about it?

    • I kinda think he sent the picture like this is a memory... or something... because he is always selfish, but when I get irritated and actually say something he pouts and tries to make me feel guilty... Honestly he. s probably just a player.. I don't know

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