Why is my ex-gf sleeping with this guy when she wants to take things slow with me?

I've been with her for 4 years, I'm her first love and first everything. She's 22 years old and when we broke up she started dating around and sleeping around. I was surprised as all this as she was innocent when we were together.

We've been broken up for 2 months now and didn't have contact until she texted me she missed me, loved me still, and missed being with me.

We had a talk and she said she sees me in the future and not now cause she wants to explore and enjoy herself cause she's still young but she sees us getting married. I really love her & i told her I dont think i can do this. She wants to take it slow & stay in contact daily but i know she's talking to other guys.

I don't know why I decided to go on this guy's FB and it was his bday. She told me she left work early today and in back of my head i had a feeling she was sleeping over this guy's place so I drove by to her place and her car wasn't there late at night.

I'm pretty bummed right now cause I got the day off tomorrow and she wants to spend time tomorrow night. Why is she doing this to me? I know she's single and she can enjoy herself but why is she sleeping around? It sucks I'm torturing myself by holding onto hope of getting back together.

I want to bring this up to her tomorrow but any good advice from here?
Thanks for the replies. I'm so bummed right now but yes she's like a drug to me. I basically put her on a pedestal and its sad to say when we were together we spent every weekends together. I feel like I have more fun with her than my friends.

It's so hard for me to let go cause I enjoy her company & the sex is so good. How can she say all these things after we've been broken up for 2 months?

She said she did everything to get over me but she just can't, misses me, loves me a lot.


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  • Why don't you just see other people then in a whole if you guys still want each other try again... Big dint wait around while she's seeing other guys.

    It's understandable she wants to explore while she's young. You could too... Then try again later after it's out if your system.

    That or move on. She told you her position she's Not in relationship mode ATM. Take or leave it.

    • Yeah what bugs me the most is she slept with this guy and had sex with him. I know she has the right to but it's killing me inside. I mean I don't mind if she goes on dates but she's already sleeping with this guy and she went out of her way to drive all the way to him

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  • She doesn't really see a future with you. She just enjoys having you as an admirer. Some women like the attention of men and string these guys along, making the guy think there is a chance for a relationship. You just happen to be one of the guys she uses to validate herself. You aren't special to her. Do not even consider getting back with these self centered girl. You are better off without her.

    • Do you know the main difference between a bad boy women want and the nice guys women don't want? Bad boys put themselves first earning the respect of the woman. Nice guys put the woman on a pedestal which causes the woman to lose respect for him. Never place a woman on a pedestal or it will almost certainly destroy your relationship.

    • That's so true. I've gotta let this one go. Things won't be the same

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  • I'd let her go, as tough as it sounds. She is just stringing you along while she checks out other prospects. Go out there and have some fun yourself.

    • Yeah it's so hard. She basically has me where she wants me. She admitted she had sex and slept over this guy's place last night and it made me panic and flipped out on her.

  • Women have a weird way to react when something like this happen to them. You've broken up and it was probably a shock to her, no matter who initiated it. Sex was probably a way to change her mind.

  • She wants an open relationship and not ready for being exclusive

    • Yes that's what she wants but at the same time I'm assuming she's developing feelings for the other guy.

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  • Grow some nuts and leave her. Find someone hotter and let her know about it.

    • How do I do that with someone like her? she basically has my nuts on a string. I feel like I enjoy myself with her more than my friends. Its an addiction i gotta kick off the curb

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    • Damn man i can't find it she's moved on when she wants me by her side and work things out still. Im seeing her tomorrow but after dropping by her place tonight and not seeing her car there its making me think if I should just tell her nevermind for tomorrow & just get on with our lives.

    • Dude... Don't give into her. I know it hurts but you must be a man. No woman treats you like that! You are the prize and you will make some other woman happy. If she doesn't come to the party... tell her. or... better yet... show her.

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