When things go bad yikes!!?

so me and my now ex bf dated for 3 years... and he left for one week to go do his scholing. well i found out he had been out with other women and given his past track record with me he did cheat a few times so i didn't trust him.

but long story short. he doesn't have a place to go he is taking the girl to vegas in dec.. yet still wants to stay at MY PLACE!! needs some tips on how to get him out so i can move on and be happy with my life.
yea I've been debating on just throwing his shit outside. and he tries to make it seem like its my fault he is cheating... im faithful im here when he gets home. i cook for him clean do his laundry i keep everything in order in the house and ontop of it all i work full time managing a barn.

and then now i get this he is taking some random girl he met a bar to vegas... i asked him what i did to deserve it and all he could say was i dk. so im about to just throw it all out
well i tried kicking him out but he is taking his sweet time. my boss told me to say he hit me which he has done in the past a few times. so then he will be gone and i can move his belonging to his parents house and fully be done with him. i dont think it is the best option but im running out of them so ill take what i can get.


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  • Tell him to wake up and smell the coffee. He's taking advantage of your good nature. I'd be like "you cheat on me, screw me over and now you want to stay at my place, what planet are you living on? fuck off asshole!" lol. It's not unreasonable when someone pushes their luck like that, he needs putting in his place!

    • yea i told him he is gone and im going out. he doesn't have a key to the place so i dont have to worry o much about that. but he showed up and i let him in to get his stuff and i went into the bedroom and he walks in naked thinking he is getting some!!! lmfao!! i dont have a skinny slamming hot body but i am fit and i ride horses for a living. the girl he is pursuing is 5ft 2 and 200 lbs!

    • so he'll be a homeless man with a pet pig!

    • hahaha that is awesome! yep he can have her. hope she can put up with his lying cheating ass

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  • Change the locks and leave all his stuff outside if he refuses to listen to you telling him to get out.

    • he is trying to find out what he can do legally now to stay.

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    • Then legally he hasn't got a leg to stand on.

    • good then he needs to go.

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