Is this normal behaviour from an ex?

Broken up for a year now and she left me.

So two nights ago I happened to be at a mutual friends party with my ex and the whole time she wouldn't even look at me or say anything. I said hi and all she did was ignore and when we were in a circle talking she made sure that she wouldn't look at me even tho we were opposite each other. It was so obvious to everyone as she darted looks between everyone but me. Now I don't want her back but this is making it really awkward for friends and what not and I'm trying to understand why she's this weird around me. Is this normal?


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  • Seeing how the break up wasn't bad enough to claim friends.. lol... I'm guessing she feels she may have made the wrong decision and feels bad about it. It's semi normal. You can nip it in the butt and try to talk to her ( depending on how you two left off ). Otherwise, just let her pout?


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  • She's clearly just bitter, honestly show her your enjoying life.

  • Stop going to places where you know she will be


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