It's been two months, I've done everything to move on, and still doing so. But I just can't stop thinking about him or feeling hurt about what he did?

My ex and I dated for 7 months. We met online and he ended up living one street behind me. Our relationship consisted of I love yous, family vacations, and plans for the future. It also consisted of his ex coming up a few times. They had dated for two years and broke up 6 months before my ex and I had met. He told me that when him and I met, it made him "feel better." We were best friends and had a good life together he said so more than I did. It all went down hill when I graduated college and started my new job. He hadn't gone to school and didn't work a full time job or know what to do with his life. He always said he was miserable with himself and disappointed that he wasn't where he thought he should be in life, but always made me feel good about achieving my goals. He told me once that he was sorry he could give me things or treat me like I deserved because of his place in life. I loved him no matter what. But as soon as I graduated school he became hateful and started making me feel insignificant and putting his friends before me. That lasted three weeks before I broke up with him. The week before I broke it off I told him I needed space. He left me a love note in my mailbox and told me he would be here if I needed anything. When we broke up he told me that he really had loved and cared about me but the arguing had become unhealthy. I was the one to break up with him because he was treating me badly all of a sudden. Two weeks after the break up he gets back with his ex girlfriend of two years. The one he told me not to worry about and the one who he said he would never get back with because there where too many things he didn't like about her and she did drugs. Now he is having loud party's everynight and I can hear them. He is flaunting the ex around my sister who is his sisters friend, and showed up at the beach with the ex trying to make convo with my mom and sister. We haven't spoken since the break up and I'm trying to move on. What he has done has hurt.
So do you think he will come back and want to get back together eventually?


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  • I'm really sorry to hear what has happened.

    Now before you read this i really hope it doesn't hurt you or anything...

    I've experienced similar before, was seeing a girl for about 4-5 months and it was all going really well etc and then she said to me once... what would you say if i didn't want to see you anymore? And I thought it was a joke as we used to joke around a lot... then i found out she was serious.

    2 weeks previous she seemed a little off with me and wouldn't see me as often... 2 weeks later she was with another guy :'(

    MAYBE its possible that he was being the way he was to put you off him so the two of you would break up?
    MAYBE he liked you enough to not hurt your feelings by just dumping you?
    maybe i'm totally wrong here? But i'm just going from previous experience of this one girl doing that to me.

    Either way the fact he bad mouthed his EX so much to then go back to her!! No offence but he doesn't seem worth it to me :(

    I hope you are ok with what i have said and again, i'm sorry if anything i've said comes across the wrong way.

    • Im so sorry that happened to you. It will get better for the both of us!

    • Thank you, it was a long time ago so i am over it now but it still sucks that people do this to others as they dont realise how much of an impact it has on them!!

      Again I hope you are alright, my fingers are crossed for you that all will be well as i know how you are feeling

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  • it sounds like you achieving your goals (graduating) made him look more like a failure and he couldn't take that. now he doesn't have you anymore and that hurts him so he is flaunting what he has to make himself feel better and hopefully you jealous.


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  • Well you have someone who is trying to make you want him back. The hate and arguments are more than likely from him feeling depressed about not being able to measure up to your success and being jealous. I doubt he cheated. The getting back with the ex was probably more of a rebound than anything.

    I would just give yourself time to heal. It can take a bit.


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