Should I get a divorce?

I am having sexual desires about the same sex. I like my husband and everything and I get satisfied by my fantasies but I don't know if I should continue like this. I don't want to share them with anyone. Help me.


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  • Figure it out before ypu have kids. If you are bi and want a committed relationship i am not sure if you need to leave. If lesbian, dont put him through that afetr you have kids. I have seen it happen and it sucks for him and the kids. She is happy i guess but she screwed up everyone else to have it so i think she is quite selfish.

    • I had these desires since I was 5 though. I don't know maybe I should just keep them in my head.

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    • In ten years you may feel that you made a mistake and have to explore your gay side. Dont suppress it and have it pop up later when kids are involved and a husband, house etc. Figure out now what you really what to do before a lot more damage comes from it as he could have moved on and remarried, kids aren't involved and a family doesn't disintegrate around everyone involved. If you think you have it figured out and want to continue down the path thats fine but make it a final commitment and dont revisit it.

    • If just fantasies than that is ok and shouldn't cause problems. If it is desire to actually do it. That is different.

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  • 3 some, it'll fix everything. Hire a prostitute or a friend slightly less attractive and you'll be fine.

  • Just be blunt with him about these desires. Communication is the key to a healthy relationship.


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