How to avoid being a rebound guy?

So let's say a girl is in a long relationship with a guy and decides to date another guy for rebound.

What are some good clues to avoid this situation if it were to happen?


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  • You need to talk about past with your partner or possible future partner. Past is part of our lives and personality. You cannot know someone without their past. So if they say they do not care about your past relationships, partners etc. and you should not care either, that is a huge lie. Talking about past from time to time gives you lots of signs about the person and your compatibility such as whether s/he lies, is comfortable talking about her/his mistakes?, believes in long-term relationships? marriage, kids? etc etc.
    It also gives signs about whether a person is still in love or obsessed with someone else. If the relationship ended fresh, (give 1 month of healing for each 6 months of relationship- so if a relationship ended after 1.5 years, both sides (given the relationship ended in a good way) might be in healing/emotional wreck stage for about 3 months.. so you can say fresh)... if it is fresh, dont date or give signs of you being available to date to the person.. otherwise you are more likely to be used. Also, if the person is all the time comparing you or not appreciating you (people do that after a bu without even noticing that they make comparisons) than that is another sign of being a rebound... So i am not sure if i answer correctly but in order for you to understand whether you are used as rebound or not, you need to talk to person.. but dont be aggressive.. just make her comfortable so she can spill the beans.


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  • Ask her about when her last relationship ended maybe? :)

  • You just have to talk to her , And make sure she's over him.


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