What should I make of this? Does he want me back?

Brief summary: was in a long distance relationship with a guy for seven months. For two of those months I basically came to his city and lived with him. It was mutually decided that I should move to his city (I had the flexibility and wanted to move). A few weeks before I'm set to make the big move his attitude changes 360, and he basically tells me that he doesn't want to go through with it. I moved anyway, because everything was already all set. Then follows three months of dead silence.

I reached out to him sporadically through emails a couple of times during this period. About a month ago he wrote me back and said he wanted to be in contact. So, we were emailing. His responses were very sporadic and pithy. He kept saying he "didn't have a lot to say," but I suspected he did, so I invited him to dinner and he accepted.

We got along famously. Hardly skipped a beat. He told me about the traumatic few months he has had in his career. We didn't specifically talk about the break up, but it seems like the trauma and stress of work were the catalyst of things. So, we got along swimmingly, and at the end he asks if I want to go see a film with him and really seems to anticipate it despite the fact that it might be a week or so because he's traveling/working a lot. We walked around a bit and he put his arm around me.

I feel like a middle school girl. I'm confused. Did he ask me out on a /date/ or is he just being friendly?


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  • Ask him what it is u have, u will get various opinions from others but only the 2 of u can know if u have something or not and communication is key


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