Is my ex boyfriend playing games?

My ex boyfriend and I broke up after a very intense, 4 month relationship, during which we got engaged and had an outing where we got together with all our kids and everyone met each other. A couple weeks later he broke it off, saying he didn't want to be in a relationship anymore. We stayed friends, as we had known each other back in High school, and I still really liked him as a person.

We have gone through ups and downs over the last few months, and it seemed like we may be getting closer but it never went that way. Then one day he told me he thought we shouldn't talk for awhile, that he was seeing someone very casual, and wanted to see where it went. He thought I was a Sweetheart and still cared a lot about me, but we disagreed on some issues he couldn't overlook. We stayed out of touch for about a week. Then I mentioned an old friend of ours was coming home for a week with his son, and I couldn't wait to see them. He is my best friend, has been for years. A couple hours later he texted me that he had a question for me, wanted to know if the guy and I had ever had sex. (We never did, the whole time we were together-we didn't see each other much due to his job) I told him no, why did he want to know? He said he just always wondered. I said, well now you know! Then he said he had to go. The next morning I woke to a long text from him that said that back in the day, he really liked me a lot ( I knew that!). He said maybe if we had dated back then we would have had a great time, maybe even been married. Maybe things would be much different today, that was why he asked about him. And that he had not gotten together with his girl that night.
I don't think there ever really was a girl, or if there was, it didn't work out, but I won't mention it to him.

Over the past week, we have texted back and forth, over simple things. I told him I tried to grow my hair out but it was a pain, so I cut it back short again, he said, "you did, try again, I love long hair".


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  • Well, it's hard to determine what he's doing. I can tell you what he's NOT doing: acting like a man. A real man knows what he wants, never leaving other people wondering about his intentions. it appears to me he is in a confortable position, where he keeps you as an option in case he can't find anyone he deems worthy of him.

  • Yes. He had no emotional self-control after breaking up with you.
    Thus, he's playing games.


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