Girl, if you're really into this guy and you love the sex, but he's neither one of those two. how would you like him to break it down for you?

hi there. I suck at breaking ups. i always feel guilty when i see pretty lady cry and then can't go through with it.

the sex was never good to me. she's more like a dead meat which is ok cuz i like to take control, but after few hours i get tired and i would like her to get involved while i catch my breath. but she's a total nooby (which is ok, she will get there in time) but we got nothing in common and lately she's starting to get moody and a bit needy and I don't know how to put it in a nice way, but it has been few months now i can see no future. and whats freaking me out is that i have zero feelings for her, and i think she's almost ready to drop the L word on me.

so what do i do to gently let her down?
  • tell her exactly whats bothering me?
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  • tell her its not you its me to protect her feelings?
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  • tell her i got a job offer in France? basically lie (the guilt trip would kill me tho)
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  • tell her things are not working out for me, sorry, you are a lovely person but our timing couldn't been any worst and life is cruel
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  • I think you are getting too attached and afraid I'm not. so we gotta stop this before someone gets hurt (my favorite)
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  • Just tell her how it is end of the day I would rather be slapped with the truth than hugged with a lie jeezo women cry at most things we get over it stop being such a coward women dont like that they like to know were the hell they stand. Well real women do

    • I agree, but what you do when you find out that person is very fragile, and kind of childish (I was shocked) but thinks she's all grown up. And I can feel that she misinterpreted my building her self-esteem up with me sharing some intimacy with her. She was kind of low and his that from me at the beginning, then I helped picking her up. I'd hate to destroy all that young lady's pride. I have told her clearly at the beginning I'm not ready to commit nor intend to, anytime soon. Told her I travel a lot and could get busy for days. I gave her many reasons why we could never be, and she agreed and told me I was right. "We should take it easy and keep it friends" those were her words. Then she started getting intimate, sharing, and acting like a real girlfriend. I played along for a little bit, it was fun and exciting. Like a fling, only I don't think she thinks it's a fling anymore.

    • "he was kind of low and *hid* that from me at the beginning"

      *Typo correction*

    • Iam sorry but sometimes people need to get low to make themselves stronger, i was very low this year I lost three family members and my dad was in intensive care unit for a month and my bf still split up with me but it made grow up a lot realise that life is a one chance only offer so you need to grab every opportunity don't think about what it will do to others as long as your not nasty then its fine. Just tell her you want different things. But if she ever needs a friend she can call. Us women are a lot stronger than even we think.

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  • a mix of D and E

    tell her things are not working out for me, sorry... (then if she pushes for a reason)... you are getting too attached and afraid I'm not. so we gotta stop this because its unfair to you.

  • break ups suck, for everyone. The earlier you break it off the better it will be. ESPECIALLY, if you think she's going to say the 'L' word. Just be honest and straight forward.


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