Had an iffy breakup with an ex to say the least. Today is their BDAY. Shall I say happy bday or not? :-/?

Last time we talked was a heated argument and my last words were "fuck you" and I got over it... Today is their bdY I feel like saying happy BDAY. He was an ok person.


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  • No why? A ex sent me a text for my bd and we split on casual terms and it just came off as a Wtf are you doing moment, an ex is an ex even on their bd even more on their bd leave it be and stop tracking his when his BD is.


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  • if you want? Depends on if you have all moved on.

    • Yes we have. But we didn't end in good terms

    • if it ddin't end on good terms, then screw it, and put the past behind you. don't bother.

  • I don't see a problem with it

    • Mmm the fact that my last convo with him was a lot of hate :-/

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