I need a guys view on my situation?

My Ex and I have been fighting for the past 2 months we've been talking. It has gotten so bad to the point where He told me He wants nothing to do with me. I blew his phone up for an entire day like some sort of crazy person. Which did not help me but made him ignore me even more. I didn't think nothing of it because He always does that but some how we always end up back together. I gave him a day without bugging him because I realize it was stupid, and was not going to make anything better. I needed to get myself together , and gain self control. I called him today (He answered the phone surprisingly) apologize for having so much hatred , resentment, and for taking back everything I gave him. I explained to him how wrong I was for loving him/giving him gifts and expecting him to return what I gave back. I know that I can't make anyone love me nor give me gifts. It was silly of me. At first he acted like he didn't know who I was (which I thought was funny because he know my voice we were together for 4 years). But he then accepted my apology and simply said "You live and you learn." I admit I was thankful that He allowed me to speak without being rude. I'm just sad because his birthday is on Thanksgiving and I wanted to be with him. Is this a sign to let go or should I just give it time. I'm not sure if he's really over me this is not the first time this has happen.


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  • I think you'll need to see if there are any real signs that he's not ready to let it go.
    I can tell that you're not, and that puts you in a very hard position.
    Has he done or said anything, apart from being understanding (that probably doesn't count) that shows that he's not ready for it to be over?
    Best wishes to you, I know it's hard! :)


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  • Although you asked for a guy's only point of view, I hope you won't mind allowing this wise ol' owl to throw in one of her own, DheElon... With everything you have both been through for th epast few months, locking horns more than locking lips, with this break up that you have tried to 'Apologize' in many ways for your own errors of your ways, the ball is now in his court to find out what he wants to do with it. Give him some space, give him this time, give him a chance to see if a little Missing the Kissing isn't in there sometime and maybe, just maybe, he will be back in contact with you... at least on a civil note or to discuss just whatever.
    If you both have had this full circle pattern in going around in circles with this, then maybe this is just one of those Other moments in time that he is simply saying again: You live and you learn.
    Don't push any buttons in regards to the birthday boy on Thanksgiving Day. I feel if he really wants you to be by his side, then he will push a bone of a button on his end to talk turkey and invite you over to break bread.
    Only God knows how he really feels and if it's over or not... and of course, each and every time we make mistakes time and time again, sometimes we never really learn until we reach rock bottom.
    Good luck, God bless. xx


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  • In the great words of Elsa: Let it go
    It's come to an end, you've just grown apart & separated. Nothing you can do unless he wants to get back together.


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