Was there another way I could have dealt with the situation or how I can fix it?

So we started dating officially a week ago or so and it was fun but he started to get cold with me and hadn't spoken to me since he told me he was going out with this other girl and then we started texting:

Me: So how was your date?
Him: Pretty good :) movie was better than the first ones
Him: Hbu? Do anything fun yesterday?
[we were supposed to hang out that day and he hadn't texted me so I made plans]
Him: ?
Me: Ended up spending the day with my friends:) we went out for breakfast and shit. it was nice.
Him: Fun stuff
Me: Did I do something?
Him: ?
Me: Well lately you've been sort of douchey
Him: You mean today?
Me: No more like the entire weekend?
Him: Sorry I was kinda outside in a forest trying to make sure a couple 12 year old's didn't kill themselves
Me: O. o um well that's fun
Him: And I was out yesterday
Me: I'm talking more about Thursday with the whole " I'm going to the movies with a PRETTY girl" which was unnecessary and then followed by the cold shoulder
Me: Like it didn't bother me that you didn't invite me because I understand it's your friends and shit but it's almost as if you were rubbing it in my face. And I do like you and everything but if you don't want to be in a relationship I don't want to waste my time.
Him: I was kinda joking but if you see it that way then ok maybe you're right
Me: so that's it then?
Him: I guess, its been fun, sorry for wasting your time
Me: That wasn't the purpose of this whole thing. Like I wasn't saying I'm done with you or anything. But if it's what you want than yea its been fun.
Me: I hope we can stay friends.
Him: Yeah, and get to actually know each other
Me: What's that supposed to mean?

... we're still texting xD

Is there some way I can fix this situation or should I have dealt with it differently?


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  • Honestly? He's a jerk. I will stop talking to him if I were you.


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