Are her loyalties with her family more then our marriage?

basically since i married my wife i feel she doesn't consider my feelings or even us together in our future she so obessed with helping her family with money etc, she also obessed with her sister baby who a single mum to the point where it felt more like our child (luckly we moved far away now) but i still have to listen to annoying phone calls, even her brother spoke to me last night and sided with me that she should he consentrating on our family our lives not her home life, what should i do because its getting to the point where i might seriously walk off to get my life back because i married her not her family...

I also had added issue when we argue she puts on this i can't breath sickness which when taken to the doctor no clear evidence of a problem and she uses this to play victim of me to her family, again her brother sided with me more but her sisters believe she sick and i am evil for not believing it even thou paid ton medical bills prove she not sick


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  • You should divorce her so she can find a better husband. Her parents raised her and her sister grew up with her. She has a responsibility to choose them over you.

  • Then walk. She's not just going to divorce her family because she married you? You need to grow up.


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