Im clueless . Plsss help me.?

So , my recent post question was about me and guy that have been together for 11 months close to a year.. we break our so called r/s.. like 2 weeks ago.. cus he can't open up for me as in he can't fell in love with him he can't have feelings for. He tried his best but he just can't open up. So he decided to stop this r/s with me cus he knows that he will be hurting me more and more each day , cus he knew that i like him a lot i have feelings for him and he doesn't want me to wait for him and hurting me more. So he decided to stop this... and go our separate ways... he told me that he wants us to be intouch even tho we have someone else in the future.. and he told me not to forget him eventho i have to hate him... so we end it in a nice way.. but he have not texted me for this 2 weeks. Why? I wanna know why? He totally forgot about me and move on? Or he doesn't want to disturb me at all or does he feel guilty for letting me go? Cus he knows that hurt? I miss him so much... helpp :(


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  • How you feel sucks. But how you feel shouldn't influence doing the RIGHT thing, and being with him does not sound right.

    He's likely not keeping contact with you because it hurts to.

    If being together isn't a long term solution, then why would chatting via text be a good thing? Staying in contact isn't going to fix how you feel, and it's not going to make him suddenly open up like a flower.

    So not talking with you is the easiest and best choice. At least until the wounds aren't so fresh and painful.

    Letting you go sounds like the best thing he could do, so I'm not sure why he would feel guilty about that.

    ~ Robby

    • Cus he knows that he hurt me a lot. Not once but twice. But i dont know why he still stick with me since day 1 if he knows that he couldnt open up for me.. he feel shitty about himself for not able to open up and have feelings.. heartless. Yess what you said is true. Maybe his hurt too thats why he didn't want to text me or ask how am i and stuffs.

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    • He can't open up for me cus he can't accept my past..

    • You will never really know why he's not connecting, but I can promise it's got nothing to do with you and everything to do with him, no matter what he's telling you. So please try not to take it personally. This is his issue, not yours.

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