Am I as loose down there as he said I am?

My ex was having a go at me and it's been playing in my mind, he was on the phone with his gf and she was repeating everything he was saying, how I was loose and she was tight, how never made him come and she was bragging I make him come all the time.. they started slagging my body off and I just sat on the phone listening.. I asked them where are you and you can repeat to my face and why you doing this to me? They replied because it's funny, I'm upset not left house all week I feel dirty and a freak, I'm battling depression and need to escape.. I've had 2 children I'm not going to be right down there as I was but he was telling her everything.. I'm so ashamed.. how do I get over that someone I trusted and loved do that to me?


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  • I'm not gonna blow you up like some people have here, you're obviously hurting enough as it is. You need to have more respect for yourself though :) and I mean that in the nicest way.
    If he shit-talks you to anyone who will listen, and will still take the same things from you whether he's in a relationship or not, then he sounds like he's got his own insecurities. Do not let him do this to you.
    I know you said you're very depressed about this, and who wouldn't be. Just remember, he can't make you feel bad without your permission. And you're still giving him permission.
    Look out for yourself.


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  • You sat on the phone with them... letting them say that?

    You realize... a phone... hangs up right?

    "No I told them to stop!'. Well good for you! That's awesome... and when they *didn't stop*... did you stay on the phone? How long were you on the phone for listening to it? (Take your answer and subtract it from itself... that tells you how long you shoulda stayed on.)

  • ummm... you're letting an ex that has a new gf fuck you while he was on the phone talking shit about you with his new gf?

    do you see another problem besides having a loose poonani?

    • One not had sec with him in months

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    • Thr only issue here is u not cutting him off. When a women can't respect herself this is how a man treats her.

    • I respected myself not to have sex with him when he asked

  • i feel you... you broke up... he is your ex now... you need to forget him, especially when he is saying bad things about you to someone... is he really the kind of person you want in your life? why don't you cut him off your life... it will be hard but its the sure thing to do... he is making you feel dirty? then don't talk to him...
    concentrate on your children... they need you don't want a person like that in your life..

    make friends, do everything that will make you forget him and soon you shall find someone who will treat you with respect you deserve...

  • That's not going to ever heal.


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