What are my chances of getting my ex back?

We were high school sweethearts dated for 3.5 year till she cheated i could wrap my mind around why being that I treated her so well but I was hurt said somethings about her drag her name through the dirt pretty much made her hate me that was about 4 years ago now earlier this year I wish a happy birthday and apologize she did as well we made up and we still talk on and off now I never stopped loving her and I know we both are 2 different people than we were then what should I do


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  • Who knows at this point until you make more of a push towards and and gauge her interest. Careful though you said your two different people so that doesn't mean your going to be compatible now. I think you should be happy with the closure you got and both being the bigger person and apologizing to each other and leave at that but it's your life.


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