I need help and guidance. I'm totally lost and confused?

Okay so here what's happening. me and my gorlfriend brokeup 12 weeks ago. At first I thought it would be best for both of us. But ever since the first week after that I can't stop thinking about her. Every time I lay down and close my eyes I think about her. She's always on my mind. Regardless being broke up we talk every single day. She has made an attempt to get back together but then all of a sudden three that away. I tell her I love her still and I miss her, but that doesn't bother her at all. But I think she likes hearing it. But she says that she still doesn't know what she wants and it's been 3 months. ( we dated for 2 years) and I know i want her back but I'm feeling helpless now. I wanna just give up on her and show her i don't need her, but that's lying to myself and my heart just simply wouldn't allow myself to live with that decision. I'm just so lost. When will she ever make up her mind? If she doesn't want me why won't she just let me go? When I don't text her good morning every morning it bothers her. The same goes with the goodnight text. I'm just so confused. Please help.
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  • Girls do this stupid thing where we don't like a guy but we keep him close because we want someone to fall back on. It's not fair to the guy because they just lead you on but don't plan on taking it anywhere. You have to let her go or you'll never go anywhere else.


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  • Try to move on, and let her come back. But, when she does, make the promise that if you both do try again, the past is forgotten, completly.


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  • Look, dude, I honestly believe that you should learn to let it go, it isn't giving up, it is letting go. You look desperate and annoying, it's blunt but true. However, it looks like you are putting more effort into this than she is tbh.


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