Im still really wounded from my break up?

Me and my ex dated for two months, i thought it was serious until he dumped me a month ago because he couldnt handle something this deep.

We had no contact for about a week, then he came back asking me for sex. I said no. and he initially got annoyed then when i had a go at him he apologised and said he would talk to me soon.

Then i find out he has been giving my number to all his guy friends and telling them to phone me because im available. I stopped picking up the calls and told him and them to leave me alone. He told his friend he didn't have feelings for me but was telling me different.

We broke up a month ago , I still think about him. But i know i couldnt get back with him because of how he hurt me, but i just dont understand. On his instagram he's followed loads of girls and its just getting me down and that.

Just a bit stupid really. I dont have his number and he can't look at my fb and he's not following me on instagram and im not following him. but i get tempted to look at his profile which i know i shouldn't :(.

How do i get over this?


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What Guys Said 1

  • The honest answer is time and that sounds like some crap, but it's true, don't try to fill the gap until your over him, because that will only hurt people.

    • Yeah im not. :) Thanks anyway x

What Girls Said 1

  • Only time can tell, you are going to have to give yourself time to help, and distance yourself from him and cut off all contact with him, his number delete it, if you have him on any social networks block him. It took me about 5-8 months to get over my ex. And since he and I go to the same school I act like he doesn't exist and it works like a charm. Do not chase him, I know you are tempted to but don't do it. Your just going to end up hurting yourself more and more.


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