He says its over but is it?

I had a friends with benefits relationship with this guy and it recently ended. I sort of feel like he doesn't want it to be over and I'm looking for some ideas as to how I can tell if he doesn't want it to be over?


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  • If he is hinting and not hymning nor hawing, sweetie, to Still texting and talking to you about just hanging out, then he hasn't gone anywhere, isn't Into being with anyone and is still Hoping you Too-----Doesn't want it to be over.
    With being a 'Friends with benefits relationship,' it isn't always about the sex. People miss the kiss, yes, but more importantly, they 'Miss' the companionship, the talking and just the closeness that was obtained And----Contained in their hearts when being together.
    You're feeling in your own Heart that he might be tugging at your heart strings... he most likely is because he may have feelings deeper than you ever thought and with the subtle helpful Hints that he still wants you in his life, maybe it's time to sit down and talk.
    Good luck. xx
    Good luck. xx

    • This just recently happened. As of now we decided to be friends and we are still texting. He said he will miss things with me. He said he can't hang out with me even as friends in public though because he feels he can't trust himself to not make a move on me because he is so sexually attracted to me. I sort of feel like that's not the true reason why he doesn't wanna see me. I think its something else that he is keeping built up inside him for some reason.

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    • Well its at least clear I'm not just a booty call to him because if I was he wouldn't still be here. If if we are just texting the point is he's still here. This just proves I mean more to him. Goodness we text pretty much everyday. Sometimes he will make something up or say the stupidest thing just for an excuse to text me. Also no matter how long we text in a day he's taking the time to communicate with which shows he's thinking of me. He has also told me recently before we stopped the sex that its not fair for him to always come over have sex and leave and not talk and he sometimes fed guilty about that and if he does feel that way he won't come see me. If he wants to come see me he wants to feel okay with it not guilty hmmm maybe because he has feelings for me. Might I mention too that we always kissed each other goodbye when he left we have cuddled and talked before and after sex. Sometimes not so much talking and cuddling sometimes more but no matter what its important.

    • Ohh, no, I never meant a booty call just not ready for Commitment like Committing himself in a Real relationship... could just be scared to do this although yes, of course, he cares as I say more than lets on with words... As I say above.. Doesn't want it to be over.

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  • text him one night wen ur home alone saying im home alone bored and naked in bed see what he says

  • If he still contacts you


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