What to do with my sister's slightly disturbing ex?

My sister was in a relationship with a guy for a few months and things were going alright. However they have broke up recently. Nothing entirely bad, just her study commitments have become more demanding. Anyway here ex isn't taking it all that well and has tried a few things. These include but not limited to; guilt-tripping, stalking her through Facebook, attempting to ask out one of her friends to make her jealous and at the extreme threats of suicide. So without it looking like i'm interfering in her social life, how do i go about this.


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  • Well, how is she handling it?

    Option A is to go see this guy and tell him to back the fuck off or you'll kick his ass (if your bigger then him this should work).

    Option B is just be there and talk with your sister about it and keep her seeing right. Anyone making extreme guilt trips about suicide over a break-up I don't think they should have been with someone in the beginning anyway.

    • Option A is a no go due to the fact he's bigger and i tend to stay away from fights
      Option B seems (in my opinion at least) to be the most helpful.

  • You encourage her to cut all contact with him, block him from social media and avoid him at all costs.


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