How to get my ex back in a long distance relationship?

I'm just broke up about one week and four days. I really love him and I just don't understand why he want to break up with me just because he cannot seek me as his future wife and he scared that in the future, if we get married, we don't have anything to talk. He told me he still love me but just cannot seek me as his future wife. We have been together around two years and half. We are so loving until all the family members and friends so envy. They quite shocked when they heard we are break up. We have nine months never see each other as he worked at Overseas. I had booked Air Ticket to fly over there on December. I feel lost now... I really love him... I want him back? What should I do to get him back with me?


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  • You can't. Time to find someone new. It won't work out


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