Ex broke up with me two weeks ago?

Is it really over after this text? So my ex texted me last night that he wanted to cancel plans we made prior to our break up.. Now he added a program he knew I was on a day later.. He has a local number my area code etc... He however is long distance now and out of state.. I got nervous and deleted the app all together.. Does this mean he found someone else what chances would I have of getting him back? We have been together for 5 years and broke up 2 weeks ago please help me I'm in a panic and can't stop crying


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  • Ooh... sounds rough. Tell me more about this break up, you're being really vague.

    • I embarrassed him in front of his family.. It was a stupid mistake and now I think I lost him for good.

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  • It depends on the reason of breaking up. It doesn't mean he found new girl. Cry until you feel enough and move on.

    • I see, that can hurt. But... all wounds will heal with time. Wounds also, can scar.. depending on how well you take care of it during the healing process. Never suffocate a wound, let it breathe... but also, let it know your are there and not leaving. Then it's up to you, how long will you work for him, after you know the healing process. After the wound is healed, it won't be the same, would you want to live with the change, or start fresh knowing your mistake? Since your being vague, I have to give you a vague response.

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    • I am going out with friends etc not drinking heavily. He is LD,. I embarrassed him in front of his family, however no one really heard me..

    • Good Girl! Get the best dress, wear great make up, and have fun!!!

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