This is more of a rant than a question, but feel free to comment if you like?

Up yours. I can't believe I wasted so much time on you.
When I met you six years ago, I thought it was love, but I finally realized that you burdened me with making you happy because you're a miserable person. The first time you left me, you blamed me. You were harsh and cruel. I was heartbroken. a year and a half later, you decide to come back when things weren't working out for you and you needed someone to love you. You told me that you lied about why you left and apologized. You came to visit me and it was everything I ever wanted. Then you went home and decided to date someone else. You didn't expect me to move home and we ended up destroying your engagement. We were both so selfish and I lost a good friend because of it, all because I loved you. You didn't talk to me for months and I was so terribly alone and missed you so much. Then you reached out to me, and instead of hi, how are you, I miss you, you start complaining about your boyfriend. I knew where it was going we met up and started talking again. I was so happy to hear from you. The next three months were amazing. Then you left again. You broke my heart for a third time, moved away and left me stranded right where I was with nothing but your ghost to remind me. Still, I helped you pack, took you out one last time and we even had great sex, then I watched you drive off. I was devistated. You came back a third time and I didn't trust you, though I loved you. You were out of state and I decided to see other people. I made that choice because I had no faith in you. It was wrong of me to do, and I felt guilty about it, but I owed you nothing and was tired of putting my life on hold for you. At that point I figured you'd run again at some point so I stopped caring. You were ad when you found out and I felt horrible, but when you told me that you cheated on me months before, it only validated that I was right about you. You threw our whole life away because of it and all my friends told me you deserved it.
And now after you been shown how it feels to be me, you didn't like it. Nothing goodi did for you counted for anything. Why do I feel like the dick? Why do I feel bad? You were terrible to me and shouldn't care but I do. I wished I didn't. I have a good life now and I know you're unhappy but you didn't waant to even be my friend. You reached out, asked if we could be and then changed your mind. You left me hanging while you "thought about it" please get out of my head!!!


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  • This is nothing but too much to spend time writing and then readig which just shows the other person you still care to let her know how you feel. It is just unnecessary and pathetic let someone know that you are done with them. I d simply not spend time to write this. Not even spend time to think of writing my feelings actually. Cutting off someone immediately and never talking/helping is already a great torture for her.. You dont need to make her feel happy that u still care.

    • Well, she's not on this site and I needed to get it out. She said being friends would be too difficult on her last email. I didn't respond to her.

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  • I feel much of your pain there brother, and I feel a need to put something challenging to you. Hate me if you like, but this is a very important question I had to ask of myself in similar circumstances.
    How much respect did you give to yourself during this relationship?
    How much of this pain is what you chose by choosing to let her back into your life after she repeated the same mistakes again and again?

    I wouldn't feel bad that you started seeing other people after she left... if you guys were officially seperated, then fair game. It hurts her because she's fresh (ish) out of a relationship that gave her certain things, but not enough to make her commit (not saying that's your fault! some people's needs are way out of whack!).

    Feel free to chat about this - I know something about it :)

    • I always have her the benefit of the doubt because I saw greatness in her. But she's a coward. I forgave her for so much and she ran off. My friends tell me her dating life sucks and she still lives at home. Sometimes I think it's funny but most of the time I dont. She blamed me for everything

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    • Thanks. Strange thing... My friends who know her said she'll reach out again, but by the time she does, I won't care. She's said goodbye forever a couple of times

    • She's demonstrated that previously, so yes, it's semi-likely.
      It's up to you whether you let yourself go down that path again.
      Good luck!

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  • Too much to read.


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  • You forgot to write in the end kiss my ass that will be sign that you totlay change and bring back some of ur pride I think?


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