Breaking up with a hook up?

So I’ve been casually hooking up with a guy I had previously been on a couple of dates with. We text quite a bit and see each other once a week. But it’s always JUST for sex and he always leave STRAIGHT after. I sent a drunk text to him over the weekend basically saying that that wasn't really what I was looking for and that if he just wanted sex he should find someone else. He replied saying that I should sleep on it and we could hang out over the weekend. The next morning I text him to apologise and he said it was fine and asked when I could hang out together and watch a movie.

He came round today and we chatted for a bit and then he started kissing me. I thought it wouldn’t lead anywhere but before I knew it we’d had sex and he was getting dressed to leave.

I can’t believe I did that. I don’t blame him - clearly he know I’m easy - as it’s entirely my own fault. My question is what to I do now? I don’t want to keep hooking up with him or anyone. I’m fed up of that and want something real. Do I ghost him or do I say something? Do I call him out on the fact he bullshited about wanting to actually hang out and watch a movie etc? Or do I accept that I was an idiot for buying it?


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  • Does anything that you said matter if you know he's a player and you fucked up? If you don't want to get played, stop playing the game.


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