He made her take the picture down why? Please help and explain my feelings are still hurt?

My ex and I broke up because he was acting sneaky and being really mean and rude to me for no reason. So when we broke up he started talking to another girl. But I knew he was talking to Somebody behind my back. So he kept texting me after we broke up trying to be friends telling me I no the girl he talk to. So afterrible I cut him off my friend texted me saying that he was in a picture with another all close and stuff that really hurt me because he been with me for 3 years smh. my friend is her associatethat's how I found out she told me that the girl said they were talking while we were together and he works with her. So after that I texted him and told him thank you for playing me this whole time. And don't ever text me aga in he told her to delete the pictures from instagram why? If he llikes her as much as he say he do why he care how how feel why is he texting me wondering were I am. Why do people do these things to people to hurt them.. why did he tell her to take the picture down.. N plus I no the girl she always would try to talk to me. Please help and explain.
N yes I'm pissed off I always been there for him
No he told her to the moment he found out I knew


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  • Okay the guy still cares about you seeing how he was considerate enough to take the picture down but you need to understand that guy's grieve in different way from girls. While some women deal with their emotions guys bottle in inside at first and act out maybe with different girls. This does not mean all guys just some. After a while they go through their process to really get over the girl. You guys were together for 3 years it takes time to heal

    • How can he choice somebody over the person they love.. like WTF I didn't do nothing

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    • I've never felt so broken down.. it hard getting over 3 years. Why doesn't he care? That he hurt me so bad

    • Everyone has their own way of moving on maybe his was faster or maybe he is still going through it

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  • Well obviously he likes you and cares for you, he probably just wanted someone new to talk to , make him happy or many other reason. So he started talking to that girl. I believe why he made her take that down was becaus he knew it hurt you and he didn't want it to cause any drama. I wouldn't go back to him but if I were you, but understand that he does care for you which is HY he's wondering where you are, but understand that if he's going to talk to other girls then he's not ready to commit.

    • But he did me wrong by pushing me away for 3 months until we I had enough.. why I always been good never cheated si I don't know why he feels like this an she works with him. But if that's his gf why would he care how I feel wouldn't he care about her. Why put me through all this. Please explain

    • But he told me don't worry about him. When I found out

    • If he is not ready to commit then why is he with her

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